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Kimburu U R Spike William The Bloody

King x ZeZa

A show alter who's going to live with one of my best friends.

He is named after a blood thirsty vampire that my friend enjoys watching on the TV, but the Bengal boy Spike is a very spirited and gentle kitten.

Kimburu Utumno

King x ZeZa

A pet boy

Kimuru Urulóki

King x ZeZa

(being EXTREMLY fuzzy at the moment)

I'm going to keep this girl, and I hope she will get out of her fuzzy in time to start showing as a kitten. At the moment she is the smallest one of all the kittens, as she hasn't developed a strong enough apetite for solid food yet. Clarinet and ZeZa's kittens are alway very slow to wean.

Kimuru Tanami

King x Clarinet

a pet girl

Kimuru Tunguska

King x Clarinet

I can't figure out wether I should keep this girl or sell her as a pet? As you see, she too is very fuzzy