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World Bengal Cat Breeders


32 Bengal related links

Last updated 1st August 2007

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Useful Bengal Links

Bengal Clubs

Bengal Forums

Bengal E-mail Lists


Useful Bengal Links

8 Links

TICA Bengal standard

FIFe Bengal standard

FIFe Bengal Breed Council

On Safari

Pawpeds, bengal pedigrees

Bengal pedigrees

Bengal Cat Genetics

Marble Bengals Gallery


Bengal Clubs

15 Links

Bengal Cat Association Denmark (BCAD) - Denmark

Bengal Cat Club - UK 

Bengal Cat Club of Sweden (BCCS) - Sweden 

Bengalkatten - Sweden (Norway, Iceland, Denmark)

Bengalklubben - Denmark

Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain (BCCGB) - GB

Cercke Felin du Bengal - France

Come In Bengal

IG Bengal - Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Koty Bengalskie - Poland

Suomen Bengalkissat ry - Finland NEW

The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS) - Int - Int, supplement to TIBCS

The International Bengal Cat Association (TIBBA) - Int

The International Bengal Cat Connection (TIBCC) - Int





Bengal Forums

3 Links

Bengalforum - Norwegian 

Bengalforum - Swedish

HDW's Chat Board for Bengal - English



Bengal E-mail Lists

6 Links

Bengalcatgenes, about the genetics of the bengal cat

Bengalcats and Fundations, about fundation and later generation bengals

Bengalphotos, for those who wants to trace their cats ancestry and see photos

MarbleBengals, main focus on the marble bengals

Silver Bengal, about the silver coloured bengal

Snowbengals, about the snow coloured bengals


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