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About Bengal Cat of the Year



Bengal Cat of the Year, BCOY, is an unofficial, unaffiliated, non profit service to all that shows Bengals in FIFe or at other shows using international FIFe judges. Your Bengal does not have to be registered with FIFe to participate as the goal is award the best Bengals shown in FIFe (and IDP clubs using FIFe judges).

It is free to participate in this contest

What do you win


The only thing you win is honor.

All top 10 cats and Best of colour cats will be awarded a diploma by BCOY.

Other people, breeders or organisations are welcome to sponsor a price if they want to. To be a BCOY price and be listed on this site, BCOY must know what the price is before the Bengal Cat of the Year are published (before 15th March).


How do you enter


You enter by sending in the downloadable form from the download page (word document) and a copy of all judgment slips from the cat shows you enter.

Read more about this at the rules page.



Questions or entries can be addressed to:

Anita H. Engebakken

Haukelandsveien 47, N-5096 Bergen, Norway
+47 55 38 09 96, Mobile +47 994 59 451



The basic idea on how to put this out in practice is made by Skogkatt of the Year, and Bengal of the Year has permission to use it in courtesy of Skogkatt of the Year

All Graphics, photos and text are copyrighted and all rights reserved, Anita H. Engebakken 2001 2006

 Webmaster: Anita H. Engebakken, Kimburu Bengal & Sokoke